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urbanA 'parmo', otherwise knows as a 'parmesan'. Is often a flattened piece of meat, whether it be chicken breast, pork, or in some cases, beef, coated in a white starchy-like sauce coated with Cheese (often parmesan or chedder cheese, not to be mistaken with the disgusting parmesan cheese). Sometimes there are variations, such as different cheeses, or the addition of bolognese on top of the aforementioned meats. This type of meal is a North Eastern dish not limited to Middlesbrough, but also found in neighbouring towns and cities alike and is favoured by many. It is often served with chips and/or salad.

urbanPerson: "I would like a parmo please my good man" Takeaway Merchant: "Certainly sir, half or full?" Person: "Half please, I can't manage a full one right now, chicken with three cheeses" Takeaway Merchant: "Certainly sir, please take a seat." Person: "Thank you kindly"

urbanA dish most prominent in Middlesbrough (north east england) and surrounding areas, but originating from Australia, first introduced to Middlesbrough town by the Europa take-away. The dish consists of a piece of meat (usually chicken, but pork and beef alternatives are common) filleted or beaten thinly Aprox 1cm thick, breaded and then usually deep fried (can be oven cooked), to be then topped with bechamel sauce (a cheese sauce variation can be used) and then topped with cheddar and mozzarella and grilled. additional topping's but to name a few are: Bolognese, Hawaiian (ham and pineapple), Hot shot (pepperoni, garlic sausage, salami and jalapeno peppers) and, Zeno (mushroom slices, garlic butter) usually accompanied by chips and salad with additions such as garlic and chili sauce, the dish is not to everyones tastes but is a hit with teessider's!

urbanME: Dave im starving! Dave: parmo yeah? ME: yeah!! Dave: where from? ME: Europa? Dave: good choice mate!

urbana parmo short for parmasan wikepedia it in all most towns in teesside not just middlesbrough. it is chicken in breadcrumbs covered with thick rubbery stretching cheese. people usually eat tem after going out in middlesbrough,stockton,bbillinghma or yarm

urbanparmo eater: can i have a parmo please takeaway fella: would you like a half or full parmo parmo eater: seen as though il be hungry in the morning ill have a full one sir takeaway fella: thaere you go....come again ;p

urbanparmo short for parmozan :FromMiddlesbroughnowhere else * mint town * in the north east of england !! its lyk chicken or beef with a creamy sauce on top and then cheese melted on too * tastey as fook *


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Parmo, or Parmesan, a breaded cutlet dish originating in Middlesbrough, is popular in the North East of England, North Yorkshire and especially in the towns of Stockton-on-Tees, Darlington and Hartlepool. Similar to a schnitzel, it typically consists...


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