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booksThe rock tombs of el-Amarna, Parts V and VI: Part 5 Smaller tombs and boundary stelae & Part 6 Tombs of Parennefer... by Norman De Garis Davies (Dec 31, 2004)

booksThe Rock Tombs of El Amarna. Part VI. Tombs of Parennefer, Tutu, and Ay (Archaeological Survey of Egypt, Eighteenth... (1908)


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Man, Person

The Ancient Egyptian noble Parennefer was Akhenaten's close advisor before he came to the throne, and in later times served as his Royal Butler, an office which brought him into intimate contact with the king. His titles include "The King's Cup...

Parennefer called Wennefer
Man, Person

Parennefer also called Wennefer was a High Priest of Amun during the reigns of Tutankhamen and Horemheb. He was previously thought to date to the time of Ramesses II, but he is now dated to the end of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Parennefer was more...