Definition funny of Oborski:

urban(verb) When a cop uses excessive force, harassment, lies, or generally beats the $hit out of someone, acting outside the law, against individual civil liberty, and abuses his or her power for no good reason. On New Year's 2012, Austin, TX police officer P. Oborski was filmed aggressively removing a female passenger of a car and arresting her using a handcuff torture pose, after she advised the driver not to take the breathalyzer test. Officer Oborski then arrested an innocent bystander, a West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran, who began to take pictures of the injustice. The situation led to a community backlash against the Austin Police Department, who refused to release the dash cam video, but admitted there was no evidence to back up Officer Oborski's claim that Buehler spit on him.

urbanUh-oh, here comes the po po Get your cell phone ready to record in case that pig Oborski's that woman.


Books about Oborski:

booksFlorian Oborski a Memoir by William L. R. Wurts (1893)