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Nutmeg Expression, Nutmeg Soul Urge, Nutmeg Inner Dream


Definition funny of Nutmeg:

urbanIn football/soccer when you dribble the ball between the defender's legs

urbanNutmeg nyahh!

urbanNutmeg a very useful spice. Also is the ultimate natural high that lasts up to three days. Take one container of the smallest one from the supermarket. Dump entire contents into hot cup of water and mix with a tea bag. Down the whole cup. All residue must be consumed. It may taste like shit but you will be high for days. Must consume on empty stomach to get full effect and don't vomit. Takes about 1 to 2 hr to start tripping. You will peak in about 12 to 18 hours. Toking is not recommended while on Nutmeg as a result you will go nuts.

urbanDude, I dropped some nutmeg?

urbanIn football (soccer), a nutmeg is where you pass the ball through an opponent's legs. This doesn't have to be the goal keeper.

urbanI nutmegged him!

urbanA spice grown in South East Asia and the West Indies, whose proper nomenclature is Myristca Fragans. Commonly used in eggnog around the holidays or in certain dishes, nutmeg gained a reputation among prisoners and bohemians as a cheap, legal, but long lasting high. Effects include rapid heart beat, flushed skin, blood shot eyes, a body high comparable to hash or even a low dose of MDMA, intense sexual pleasure, vivid (and often controllable) daydreams (known as nutmeg phantasies), finding everything funny, inability to walk (particularly if taken at bed time the night prior), frequently having to urniate/inhibition of urination, general giddiness, empathy and/or shift in perspective, and possible organ (liver) damage, although the latter is purely speculation do the fact that a chemical in nutmeg known as safarole is known to be hepatoxic. High quality, fresh off the boat nutmeg yields the best results. Be prepared for a 3 day bender... Dosage varies from person to person, batch to batch of material, and even trip to trip at the same dose of the same material. For all you fucktards saying "go ahead and eat it man" or "make space paste or a tea dude, it works and tastes good " (if cat litter tastes good, go for it), its time to wakeup: Measure out your dose, then take a tablespoon and a few pieces of toilet paper. Most tp is segmented, and breaks into nice little squares. Fill each tablespoon up and place each lump of powder onto the toilet paper. Now get the drink of your choice, place each "bomb" (tp filled with meg) in your mouth, and flood your mouth with the fluid. Take a big gulp. It should slide down your throat with little resistance or gagging. No nasty taste, no shit stuck in your teeth, just painfree and easy. This action is known as parachuting, bombing, or goldfishing. If powdered nutmeg is not available, you may want to find some fresh, unprocessed whole pieces of nutmeg which you can either ground up, or, if you are a real man or woman, eat the whole pieces with some orange juice as a chaser. Whole nutmeg doesn't taste nearly as foul as the powdered variety, in fact it tastes not even half bad. Its spicy!


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Ingredient, Organism Classification, Drug ingredient, Literature Subject, Food

Nutmeg is one of the two spices – the other being mace – derived from several species of tree in the genus Myristica. The most important commercial species is Myristica fragrans, an evergreen tree indigenous to the Banda Islands in the Moluccas of...

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Connecticut is the southernmost state in the northeastern region of the United States known as New England. It is bordered by Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north, New York to the west, and Long Island Sound to the south. Its capital...