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Numo Expression, Numo Soul Urge, Numo Inner Dream


Definition funny of Numo:

urbanA sub-genre of youth culture currently sweeping the United Kingdom from the county of Cambridgeshire, soon to be established in New York as of February 2008. An amalgamation of nu rave and emo, Numo followers are identified by their passion for raving, and the severe depression that usually precedes and follows. Numo kids find happiness only in raving, when surrounded by epilepsy-inducing lights, dance/techno/rave music and others of their breed. Numos can be found in a multitude of habitats, and different behaviours can be observed. At parties, they can be found on the dancefloor, like a flock of seagulls, in groups of about 3-8. At school, they are usually seen to be quite depressed, thinking only of their next rave. Sometimes, this wait becomes unbearable, and small to large groups of Numos can be seen to rave behind the bikesheds, consuming large quantities of flourescent glow-stick liquid... and E. Occasionally, a Numo kid can be found at the center of a rave, completely motionless, with a blank expression on their face. This is known as Nu-mode, when a surge of depression washes over them, and they must battle with their own inner demons to overcome and continue the rave. If unable to win this battle, a numo is lost, and an emo is born.

urbanNumo: Talk's cheap, let's rave. Kid: You can't dance! Numo: I rave... because I don't know how to dance. Kid: You're wearing all black, but your shoes are green! Numo: OMFG! I must be Numo. Numo: I rave because they hate me. They hate me because I rave. Ex-Numo (Emo): Look man, rave is dead to me! Numo: No, you're dead to the rave.

urbannu-mo is the current subculture within the alternative music scene that listen to "pop rock" and it is usualy "generic pop rock" they try to make out that they are somehow different by ambushin styles and fashions and trying to pass them of as cool and unique wheras they have become a tangled mesh of clothes and makeup these are the people who listen to bands such as my chemical romance and taking back sunday. they self mutilate for the fun of it it seems even to fit in

urbannu-mo guy; omg lets start wearing doc martins nu-mo gal; that would be soooooo cool nu-mo guy; we would like be soo diferent nu-mo gal; i agree and it means i can go home and pretend that im upset about not wearing converse punks and skinheads: get them!!!

urbanNumo is the word I thought of and is now used alot in liverpool. Numo's are the emo forms or new breeds. they are often seen wearing "Dickies", "Black Hoodies" and "Multi Coloured Underwear". They show off ther underwear by pulling their pants down just enough for the world to see.

urbannumo: wtf are you doing... carl: trying to mosh but your in the way numo: no your pushing me carl: wat do you expect me to do when i'm moshing numo: :'( *writes poem*

urban(noun) Two people - naked, undercovers, makin' out.


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songsLike Rain (Numo Dan H3 Remix) by k-Max Fabio Tosti from the Album Deep Summer Grooves Vol. 4


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Numonyx was a semiconductor company making flash memories, which was founded on March 31, 2008, by Intel Corporation, STMicroelectronics and Francisco Partners. It was acquired by Micron Technology on February 9, 2010. Numonyx was created from the...

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