Definition funny of Niggaz:

urbanPlural for nigga, (nigger). A word that describes IGNORANT African-American's. Do not judge the entire African-American race solely on this group. (Mind you, I am a African-American, and not some racist prick.)

urbanYou can't take niggaz anywhere because they always screw things up! 1.) Can be found shouting at the screen in the back of the movie theater. 2.) Occasionally uses slang like their first language. 3.) They come in groups and destroy the friendly atmosphere of any public establishment. 4.) Purposely loud and obnoxious in public to prove how "hardcore" they are. 5.) Start fights with their race like no other.

urbanPlural form of nigga.

urban(1) Them niggaz was talkin' shit about me. (2) Wassup my niggaz?

urbanplurar of nigga, but can ONLY be said by someone who is: a. Black b. Down wit the brothers c. Reciting lyrics

urbanSay say say my niggaz, where da hoes at?

urbanA pack of dolphins.


Songs about Niggaz:

songsDown For My Niggaz (feat. Snoop Dogg and Magic) [Explicit] by Snoop Dogg And Magic C-Murder from the Album The Best Of Snoop Dogg [Explicit]

songsRich Niggaz [Explicit] by J. Cole from the Album Born Sinner [Explicit]

songsDown For My Niggaz (feat. Snoop Dogg and Magic) [Explicit] by Snoop Dogg And Magic C-Murder from the Album Best Of C-Murder [Explicit]

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songsC'mon All My Niggaz, C'mon All My Bitches (Explicit LP Version) by Busta Rhymes from the Album Anarchy (Explicit Version) [Explicit]

songsNiggaz Done Started Something [feat. L.O.X.] [Explicit] by DMX from the Album It's Dark And Hell Is Hot [Explicit]

songsRich Niggaz (Album Version (Explicit)) [feat. Lil Wayne] [Explicit] by Juvenile from the Album Greatest Hits


Books about Niggaz:

booksReal niggaz don t die ! by Samuel Archibald

books"Real Niggaz Don't Die" by Andreas Litzbach (Jan 1, 2011)

booksNiggaz Wit Attitudes (French Edition) (Jul 8, 2012)

booksSupafly: Dat Whoopty Woop Tracks: 1. Yall Niggaz Betta Reconize 2. This Type of Flow 3. Hell Ya (Feat. Tray Deee...

booksTHE N.W.A LEGACY VOL.2 by N.W.A(NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDE) [Korean Imported] (2003) by N.W.A(NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDE) (0100)

booksMos Niggaz by ACD (1998)


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G-funk Artist, Award Nominee, Musical Artist, Musical Group, Social network user, Musician, Broadcast Artist, Film subject, Person or entity appearing in film, Person

N.W.A was an American hip hop group from Compton, California, widely considered one of the seminal acts of the gangsta rap and west coast hip hop sub-genres, sometimes credited as the most important group in the history of rap music. Active from 1986...

Gangsta rap Album, Musical Album

Niggaz4Life, is the second and final studio album by gangsta rap group N.W.A, released in 1991. It was their final album, as the group disbanded later the same year after the departure of Dr. Dre and songwriter The D.O.C. for Death Row Records; the...