Definition funny of Netria:

urban1. Amazing beyond measure 2. Very Sensual she enjoys the things in life that make you feel good 3. Humorous she loves to bring laughter to people 4. Sensitive she sometimes wears her heart on her sleeve 5. Very Persistant she is determined to make it happen 6. Confidant she knows exactly who she is

urbanI am ...Netria, Netria, you mesmerize me I want Netria to be my everything.


Wiki information Netria:

Organism Classification

Netria is a genus of moths of the Notodontidae family.

Netria viridescens
Organism Classification

Netria viridescens is a moth of the Notodontidae family. It is found from the Oriental Tropics to New Guinea. The wingspan is 66–87 mm. Adults have green forewings with darker medial and basal bands. There is some variation in the green tone and the...