Numerology information Nanshe:

numerologyName Number: 7 Meaning: Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest


Books about Nanshe:

booksNanShe and Cultural Change in Modern China by LU WEN YUN (1991)

booksNanshe Theatre Notes [Paperback] by LIANG SHU AN (1991)

booksNanshe famous painting and calligraphy appreciation by YU JIAN HUA (Jan 1, 2000)

booksNanshe people chant Suzhou (paperback) by Unknown (1991)

booksNanshe Xiatang husband [Xiangsichengzai,> (Traditional Chinese Edition) (2009)

booksNanshe literati and Japan(Chinese Edition) by CHEN CHUN XIANG (1910)

booksNanshe Cong talk: History and People (Paperback) by ZHENG YI MEI (1991)


Wiki information Nanshe:


In Sumerian mythology, Nanshe was the daughter of Enki and Ninhursag. Her functions as a goddess were varied. She was a goddess of social justice, prophecy, fertility and fishing. Like her father, she was heavily associated with water. She held...

Man, Person

Ur-Nanshe was the first king of the First Dynasty of Lagash in the Sumerian Early Dynastic Period III. He is known through inscriptions to have commissioned many buildings projects, including canals and temples, in the state of Lagash, and defending...