Definition funny of Mussolini:

urbanItalian dictator that supported, and fought alongside the Germans in WW2.

urbanMussolini was an idiot.

urbanBasically, he was Hitler's bitch and he was a pansy.

urbanMussolini sucked.

urbanFascist Dictator in Italy during World War II. Brought Italy up from a depression, and actually helped Italy. Was a great leader, and was forced into an alliance by Germany fascist dictator Adolf Hitler, otherwise Italy would of been invaded aswell. Assasinated by communist pigs 28th of April 1945, along with his mistress. Was hung up in the city square for display.

urbanThere was no point in killing Mussolini mistress nor hanging their body's for display. Communist are greedy sons of bitches, who when they say "Equality for all!" they really mean "We will control and censor everything, and keep all the wealth for ourselves." It would be a good governemnt like democracy, if human beings weren't such greedy, selfish perpetual sons of bitches.

urbanPopular drink amongst former Yugoslavian nations made of very cheap red wine mixed with Coca-Cola, or some other soda drink. So named because it is something Italian (the cheap red wine), in a brown coat (the coke), just like Mussolini the Fascist.


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