Definition funny of Michailas:

urbanMichaila is a truly amazing person. She's the one girl every guy wants to be with. She's smart, recourcful, persistant, amd funny. She is beautiful inside and out. She's been hurt so when you get her treat her like she is- a princess.

urbanMichaila is incredible.

urbanA girl who is intelligent and beautiful. She is sweet, loving and adores affection. Her ideal mate is someone who is older and has the dominant traits that she does not possess. When in love she loves her mate deeply. Although, on the flip side, when angered her self control is lost and she can get loud and often aggressive.


urbanA fucking awesome bitch. If you name your child this, then you clearly dont want them to have a sucessful life due to this name being so fucking unreal and impossible to spell. A Michaila has many faults; not able to keep there mouths shut, unable to spell correctly, shy, bad at math, and are usually unliked, but will most likely marry a man and women with a large dicks. Michailas are usually funny, bold, manish, and stupid when it comes to guys. Michailas like to fuck shit the fucking fuck up.

urbanDude, my large cock penetrated Michaila last night at that fucking awesome party, but I'm not calling her cause I hate her.


Books about Michailas:

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