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urbanA suffix commonly used when describing a manipulator of a certain element. It is used together with a prefix such as Pyro-, Necro-, Aqua-, or Electri-/Electro-. Other prefixes to add onto the suffix -mancer are numerous, but I have not listed them here for the sake of space (And partly because I am too lazy to recall the proper prefix of each element).

urbanPyro- : Fire, heat. Pyromancer : Flame manipulator. Necro- : Death. Necromancer : Death manipulator. Aqua- : Water, moisture. Aquamancer: Water manipulator. Electri-/Electro- : Electricity, static. Electri(o)mancer: Electricity manipulator.

urbanA magical enthusiast attuned to a certain element.

urban"That Mancer just raped that warrior"

urbanA smooth talking man with the ability to romance any woman.

urbanJuan Pablo, the ABC Bachelor, is a mancer.

urbanApart from being magical, the female form is incredibly sexy. Perhaps it is the power, maybe the mysteriousness.


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