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Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi

Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi Bengali: ছৈয়দ আহমদ উল্লাহ মাইজভাণ্ডারী was the founder of the Maizbhanderi Sufi Order. Ahmed Ullah as a Universal Sufi Saint, Pir Auliya gained the title as Gausul Azam Moulana Syed Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi Kebla Kaba or...

Khalifa of Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi

The term Khalifa derives from the Arabic خليفة Khalīfa. Its etymological root word is Arabic: خلف‎ means, behind, relates to someone surviving after predeceased. In the aspect of Sufism, the Khalifa Bengali: খলিফা means a deputy, caliph, successor or...