Definition funny of Magibon:

urbanA Youtube celebrity who became famous for staring into the camera with her huge eyes. Though she looks like she could be Asian, she is really just a weeaboo with really bad teeth who knows Preschool level Japanese.

urbanMagibon is cute until you see her disgusting teeth.

urban1. A Japanophile/Wapanese/Weeaboo became "famous" by speaking in broken Japanese and staring at a fuzzy webcam. 2. A nice tactic to freak someone out. Step One: Stare at a person in a lowered head angle. (see myspace angles) This results in your face looking smaller and cuter. Step Two: Widening your eyes and Flare your nostrils at them. Don't forget to be silent. The results for the person are : -Thinking part of ones soul is gone. -Confusion which leads to a confuzzled crinkly face : "Wait..was that cute?"

urban1."Minna-san Magibon-desu! Watch me do nothing. Arigato, ja ne! -peace- " 2."Why do.. I feel empty and cold now? Magibon...-fists in air-"

urbana racially ambiguous girl on youtube who almost always does nothing in front of the camera and yet has 40,000 subscriptions and about a million views. the youtubers are suspicious of her and many post videos imitating or badmouthing her. i personally think she is pretty creative for coming up with such a cooky little niche.--aka-- mririan

urbanugh...this magibon chick is such a freak!...this is gotta be some kinda scam....oh well ill just stop wachin.

urbanA popular YouTube celebrity whose videos mainly contain her just staring at the camera for several seconds. Magibon is American, but is heavily influenced by the Japanese culture, and so she speaks Japanese. Many people are jealous that she gets a lot of attention and call her a Japanese wannabe, because it makes them feel better to make fun of someone who is better than they.