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urbanShort, tsundere, pissy Italian with a hate for Germans but a secret obsession with Spaniards and tomatoes thanks to his pedophillic boss

urban"Oh wow! You're such a Lovino! Don't deny it! I saw you throw a tomato at a German guy and then you were starring longingly at that hot Spaniard guy over there!"

urbanThe older brother of North Italy, often referred to as simply Romano (derived from Rome). Though he is kind around women, he is unfriendly around other men, as evidenced by his behavior towards various male nations and his younger brother. It is said that he hates Germany and France most of all, and he also bears a heavy inferiority complex towards Veneziano (who excels in art and trade, causing him to have lost motivation to do anything). Though he attempts to act tough, he is in fact weak and vulnerable too. Like Italy Veneziano, though, he can be brave and hardworking when he puts his mind to it, but he just prefers not to, also like his younger brother. His human name is Lovino Vargas.

urbanSpain: hola Roma~ Romano/Lovino: don't-a call me that!!!


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Lovinobaňa is a village and municipality in the Lučenec District in the Banská Bystrica Region of Slovakia.

Pierpaolo Lovino
Actor, Film actor, Person

Pierpaolo Lovino is an actor.