Meaning : Sorrows,

Origin : Spanish,

Pronunciation : lo-LEE-tah  ,

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Lolita Expression, Lolita Soul Urge, Lolita Inner Dream


Numerology information Lolita:

numerologyName Number: 6 Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice


Additional information Lolita:

additionalDiminutive Form of Lola. "Lolita," famous novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Because of the novel, the name has become a noun describing a young girl seductress.

additionalDiminutive of LOLA


Definition funny of Lolita:

urbanLolita is a nickname for Delores. It is also a term used to describe a prepubescent or adolescent girl who is attractive and sexually responsive. She lusts after older men, and is lusted by them in return. The term originates from the Vladimir Nabakov novel ''Lolita'' which told the tale of the love affair between middle aged Humbert and his 12 year old stepdaughter Lolita. It became a popular term in the 90's when the teenaged Amy Fisher who shot the wife of her older lover Joey Buttafauco, was called ''The Long Island Lolita''. The term was also used a lot during the controversy surrounding the 90's remake of the 1962 film version of Lolita directed by the late Stanley Kubrick. The film which starred Jeremy Irons and was directed by Adrian Lyne, had trouble finding backers due to the controversial subject matter. 14 year old Dominique Swain played the title character, and the fact that a child actress was playing an underaged character involved with sex with adults fueled the controversy. Lolita is also used as a euphemism for child erotica, child porn, or barely legal adult porn.

urbanMy 13 year old daughter is starting to act like a lolita. Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita, was arraigned today. I just saw the new version of Lolita, and it's better than the 1962 version.

urbanA fashion from Japan that tries to capture the innocence of youth, and nostalgia for the 19th century. Knee length puffy skirts, lacy blouses, platform mary janes and head dresses are standared attire. This fashion was popularized by Mana from the band Malice Mizer, and has nothing to do with Gwen Stefani. There are several tyles of lolita: Gothic lolita: Clothing is dark blues, reds and blacks. Very similar to Victorian mourning garb, only with shorter skirts. A prime example is the brand Moi meme Moitie. Sweet lolita: Light pastle colors and florals, lots of lace, and more childlike. An example is the brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Classic lolita: Shorter versions of clothing that looks like it is from the French and English country side during the 1900s. Less lacey and more mature looking.

urbanThere were are group of Lolita shopping at MaruiOne. Mana's Moi-Meme-Moitie makes beautiful lolita clothing.

urbanA) Young girl, normally prepubescent or in early teens, that likes seducing older men, or that, without trying seduces older men with her charm,and/or her body. B) Nickname for Dolores (or Delores). C) Japanese street fashion depicting Victorian clothing, popular betwwen teens, young women and even boy (a good example is Mana). This style has nothing to do with Gwen Stefani and everything to do with Mana from Malize Mizer, as he was the one that made it popular. It's very different from the American and UK Goth style. It has three main variations: Sweet Lolita: the main object is to look as cute and pretty as possible, imitating either a Victorian child or a Victorian dool. It has curly hair styles (mainly), lace blouses, puffy kneelngth (or a little shorter) skirts, lace gloves, lace-trimmed stockings or tights, platform shoes, adn a variety of hairpieces from bonnets to ribbons. It may include teddy bears or Super Dollies and a variety of handbags and parasols. Capes are also used The colors are pastels and lots of white. Gothic Lolita: It's darker than the Sweet Lolita as it depicts Victorian mourning clothing, even if they still wear kneelength puffy skirts. The colors are darker, and handbags may include coffin and bat shapes. Classic Lolita: Classic lolitas dress still in Vcitorian clothing, but it is a little more mature, less lacey, and the object is not to look like a doll or shild anymore. There is a counter part for Lolita style: EGA or Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. This is used by boys and young men, and sometimes by women too.

urbanMana dresses in Gothic Lolita style because he wears mouring Victorian clothing.

urbanA Japanese fashion consisting of poofy knee-length skirts, lacy tops (normally blouses or cutsews), pretty knee-highs or tights, and lots and lots of lace. Has absolutely nothing to do with Gwen Stefani. Has several subgenres, the most popular of which are: Gothic Lolita: Basically the darker side of loli. Best example is Mana's clothing line Moi Meme Moitie Sweet Loli: The more sweet side of loli, most common colors are pink and blue. Best examples are Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty. Kurorori: Basically a lolita who wears nothing but black. Even if it's a Gothic Lolita dress, if it's all black, it's a Kurorori dress. Shirorori: A lolita who wears nothing but white. Even if it's a Gothic Lolita or a Sweet Lolita dress, if it's all white, it's Shirorori. Related Fashions: kodona, EGA Note: If the skirt becomes too short, or there is not enough lace or poof, it is no longer loli.


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Books about Lolita:

booksLolita by Vladimir Nabokov (Mar 13, 1989)

booksLolita by adapted from the novel by Vladimir Nabokov Edward Albee and Edward Albee (Jan 1998)

booksThe Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It by M. Gigi Durham (May 1, 2008)

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booksReading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books by Azar Nafisi (Nov 4, 2008)

booksLolita (Penguin Hardback Classics)


Movies about Lolita:

moviesLolita 2013 NR CC - Runtime: 2 hrs 12 mins Starring: Jeremy Irons, Melanie Griffith, et al. Directed by: Adrian Lyne

moviesLolita 2009 NR CC - Runtime: 2 hrs 34 mins Starring: Jerry Stovin and Susanne Gibbs Directed by: Stanley Kubrick

moviesPsycho Gothic Lolita [HD] 2013 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins Starring: Rina Akiyama Directed by: Gô Ohara

moviesLolita: Slave to Entertainment 2008 NR CC - Runtime: 56 mins Directed by: Timothy Gorski

moviesStanley Kubrick: Visionary Filmmaker Collection - 8-Disc Box Set ( 2001: A Space Odyssey / A Clockwork Orange... Unrated - Runtime: 16 hrs 40 mins Starring: James Mason, Leonard Rossiter, et al. Directed by: Stanley Kubrick

moviesLolita 2011 NR - Runtime: 2 hrs 34 mins Starring: Jerry Stovin and Susanne Gibbs Directed by: Stanley Kubrick

moviesStanley Kubrick: Limited Edition Collection 2011 R - Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Peter Sellers, et al. Directed by: Stanley Kubrick


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Lolita fashion

Lolita fashion is a fashion subculture originating in Japan that is based on Victorian-era clothing, but the style has expanded greatly beyond Japan. The Lolita look began primarily as one of modesty with a focus on quality in both material and...

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Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, written in English and published in 1955 in Paris, in 1958 in New York, and in 1959 in London. It was later translated by its Russian-native author into Russian. The novel is notable for its controversial...