Definition funny of Lioncub:

urbannoun A young or younger looking male who is either muscular or beefy and has blonde or dark blonde facial and body hair. This term is commonly used in the gay bear community to describe a blondish furry man.

urbanHow would you define a younger blonde furry guy in the bear community? He would be considered a lion cub.

urban(N.) -a beautiful female -one who makes others happy just by being in their presence -has a possible scandalous side but only when it comes to cuddling after a long day or ligers -the best possible thing you can befriend -never seen without a lion at her side -WILL attack ANYTHING or ANYONE with intentions of hurting her lion

urbanlook at that lion-cub and her lion, two most perfect things i've ever seen together!


Books about Lioncub:

booksThe hippo who couldn't stop crying (The Lioncub book, 1) by Susie Muthoni (1972)

booksDalla the Lion-Cub: A Story of South Africa by Cynthia Stockley (Jan 1, 1924)

booksWho's calling? (The Lioncub book) by Charity Waciuma (1972)

booksIsland of Yo (Lioncub book ; 8) by Eutychus Ndirangu (1976)

booksMerry-making (The Lioncub book, 2) by Charity Waciuma (1972)

booksThe leopard in the bush : a sequel to "Dalla the lion-cub," by Cynthia Stockley (1927)

booksKingdom of the Son Kiamba Lion-Cub Puppet (Nov 2004)


Wiki information Lioncub:

Singer, Musician, Person, Record Producer, Musical Artist