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urbanVerb: A term used to describe an extremely quick acceleration from a complete stop while in a car. When "launching" a car, one places the car in gear, revs the engine to high RPM, then drops the clutch in very rapidly (see dumping the clutch). The idea behind a launch is to accelerate as quickly as possible from a standstill without experiencing wheelspin or loss of traction, in which one has to find the correct RPM (engine speed) to release the clutch in order to accelerate. This is different form just plain "dumping the clutch", where the revs are usually higher and the balance of traction is not as perfect. Launches are almost always done in a car with a manual transmission and clutch the driver can operate; however, some drivers with automatic transmissions choose to use a similar technique when accelerating from a standstill, where the brake pedal is applied, the engine is revved, and then released to launch the car forward. This technique often puts an excessive amount of stress on the car's drive train. On newer sports cars with formula one style sequential gearboxes and no clutch, the car's computer will often be programmed for acceleration from a standstill, usually initiated by a "launch" button or "race mode" the driver can push.

urbanWhile most street racers enjoy showing off by dumping the clutch and smoking away, tires burning, a more skilled driver will execute a perfect launch, accelerating the car much quicker, with just the slightest hint of wheelspin.

urban1) a small boat tied to a larger boat, used for rescue and for driving around having a good time 2) a small bass-type fishing or pontoon boat driven by crew coaches while they give crew rowers kind suggustions and commands on how to improve our rowing skills. 3) they smell like gasoline

urbanCrew is a real sport, and the real coaches of real sports drive launches

urbanA term used in the upper circles of society as a polite way of describing that you are going for a shit.

urbanMr Greene deperate for the toilet announces that he's "Off to launch HMS Greene".

urbanWhat Captian does to every 'Zig' for great justice.


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