Definition funny of Lannah:

urbanLannah is typically a girl, the shortened form of Alannah. Possibly the most amazing person you could ever hope to meet. She's also soo facking cute it's awesome :D A Lannah is usuallly awesome at guitar, and is the best at life. The Lannah'll probably be found playing guitar, practising with one of her bands, or hanging out xD Lannah's are usually Identical Hair Colour Twins with a friend of theirs called Fifi, Pip of Fiona, and bestest friendies for everests :) Lannah is maybe the best person i've ever met, and we're'a be bestest friendies for everests xD I love my friend who's name is Lannah. You would too, and any other Lannah's i hope will be almost as great, awesome and perfectly imperfect as this one. Lannah is the best.

urbanLannah is so cool, i wish i was as awesome as Lannah..


Books about Lannah:

books[ BULLSEYE ] BY Sawers-Diggins, Lannah ( Author ) Jul - 2010 [ Paperback ] by Lannah Sawers-Diggins (Jul 28, 2010)