Books about Lanaris:

booksLe cifre del melodramma: L'archivio inedito dell'impresario teatrale Alessandro Lanari nella Biblioteca nazionale... by Marcello De Angelis (1982)

booksLe Cifre Del Melodramma. (Volumes 1 and 2. L'Archivio Inedito Dell'Impressario Teatrale Alessandro Lanari.) by Marcello, Ed. De Angelis (1982)

booksSynthetic Aperture Radar Processing (Electronic Engineering Systems Series) [Hardcover] [1999] (Author) Giorgio... (1999)

booksSotto il verone. Serenata [begins: " Lontan mio dolce amor " ]. Parole di A. Lanari by Ettore Fiori (1873)


Wiki information Lanaris:

Eriocharis lanaris
Organism Classification

Eriocharis lanaris is a species of beetle in the Cerambycidae family. It was described by Blanchard in 1874.

Eriopithex lanaris
Organism Classification

Eriopithex lanaris is a moth in the Geometridae family. It is found in the north-eastern Himalayas, as well as on Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Bali, Sulawesi, the Sangihe Islands and in New Guinea and Queensland. The moth is 14–16 mm. The forewings...