Definition funny of Lakandula:

urbanLakan is a title in the pre - hispanic Filipino nobility which means "paramount ruler" and Dula is the name of the paramount ruler.

urbanLakan Dula is not Lakandula and never Rajah Lakandula, you moron.

urbanLakandula is an illiterate way of writing Lakan Dula, the pre - hispanic King of Manila. This is the spelling of the paid hacks usually identified with a family from Lubao, Pampanga Philippines whose tall tales written by their great grandfather put them on the side of the traitors and not with the Philippine heroes. What a bad writer of tall tales.

urbanYou do not spell Lakan Timamanukum as lakantimamanukum, so, dont spell Lakan Dula as lakandula, you moron.


Wiki information Lakandula:

Monarch, Person, Deceased Person, Noble person

Lakandula was the regnal name of the Lakan of the pre-colonial Philippine Kingdom of Tondo when the Spaniards first conquered the lands of the Pasig River delta in the 1570s. The firsthand account of Spanish Royal Notary Hernando Riquel says that he...

Order of Lakandula

The Order of Lakandula is one of the highest honors given by the Republic of the Philippines. It is an order of political and civic merit, awarded in memory of Lakandula’s dedication to the responsibilities of leadership, prudence, fortitude, courage...