Books about Kydones:

booksEnding the Byzantine Greek Schism: Containing: the l4th c. Apologia of Demetrios Kydones for Unity With Rome &... by James Likoudis (Jun 1992)

booksThe Career and Writings of Demetrius Kydones (Medieval Mediterranean) by Judith R. Ryder (Jun 14, 2010)

booksFurcht vor dem Tod: Die Schrift des Demetrios Kydones "Über die Verachtung des Todes"

booksENDING THE BYZANTINE GREEK SCHISM: The 14th-century Apologia of Demetrios Kydones for Unity With Rome. by James Likoudis (1983)

booksDie Briefe des Demetrios Kydones (MAINZER VERoFFENTLICHUNGEN ZUR BYZANTINISTIK) by Franz Tinnefeld (Dec 31, 2010)

booksThe Career and Writings of Demetrius Kydones. BRILL. 2010. by JUDITH R. RYDER. (2010)

booksProchoros Kydones, Ubersetzung von acht Briefen des H1. Augustinus (Wiener Studien) (Greek Edition) by Augustine (1984)


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Demetrios Kydones
Man, Deceased Person, Person

Demetrios Kydones, Latinized as Demetrius Cydones or Demetrius Cydonius, was a Byzantine theologian, translator, writer and influential statesman, who served an unprecedented three terms as Mesazon of the Byzantine Empire under three successive...

Prochoros Kydones
Man, Person, Deceased Person

Prochoros Kydones, Latinized as Prochorus Cydones or Prochorus Cydonius was an Eastern Orthodox monk, theologian, and linguist. An advocate of Western Aristotelian thought, his translation of Latin Scholastic writings, brought him into conflict with...