Books about Kubbel:

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booksLeonid Kubbel

booksLeonid Kubbel by IA. G Vladimirov (1984)

booksLeonid Kubbel's Chess Endgame Studies by Timothy George Whitworth (Aug 16, 2004)


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Leonid Kubbel
Chess Player, Person, Deceased Person

Leonid Ivanovich Kubbel was a Russian composer of chess endgame studies and problems. He was born in Leningrad at the end of 1891, or beginning of 1892 and died in the same city on April 18, 1942. He was christened Karl Artur Leonid, but amended his...

Arvid Kubbel
Chess Player, Deceased Person, Person

Arvid Kubbel was a Russian chess player and composer of chess problems and endgame studies. He was a brother of Evgeny and Leonid Kubbel; their father was born in Latvia, of Baltic German descent. He played in relatively few tournaments, but was...