Definition funny of Koach:

urbanA complete douchebag.. socialist bastard, accepts no view as being correct but his own, if one does not see something the "Koach way", it cannot possibly be right.

urbanThe Koach 5 step method to win any debate. 1) you cant accept anyones opinion other than your own... fact means nothing because anything is possible 2) nice try, your not reading it the way i want you to read it, you mean nothing 3) apples and freakin oranges, i cant see a relationship so it cannot exist! 4) You win, my argument is meaningless but i cant be bothered to admit im wrong 5) counter insult, my silliness is in the public view, proceed with reclaimer to protect glorious image


Songs about Koach:

songsAna B'Koach by Saul Kaye from the Album Kabbalat Shabbat

songsAna B'koach by David Schlusselberg from the Album ????? ???? (Mizmor L'dovid)

songsAna B'koach by Yisroel Baruchov from the Album Dance It!

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songsKoach by Avraham Fried from the Album Chazak!

songsKoach by Mendy Wald from the Album Koach


Books about Koach:

booksSefer Maimatz Koach (Hebrew Edition) by Rabbi Moses ben Baruch Almosnino (Dec 10, 2007)

booksSefer RESHIT KOACH al Masechet B'rachot (HEBREW) - with Quntras Ha-Shir Ve-Hashevach by Rabbi Zvi Sobolovsky (1998)

booksPut a Lid on It!: A Collection of Slow Cooker Recipes, Menus & Shopping Lists by Kitchen Koaches by New Braunfels, TX Kitchen Koaches (2007)