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booksMiskinu Jahanu Khanu Khoso: Tasnifu: Muhammadu Bakhshu Balocu Majnun by Muhammadu Bakhshu Balocu (1967)


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Khosa, Khoso, or Khosug Balochi: کھوسگ, Sindhi:کھوسو, Urdu: کھوسھ,کھوسو‎, is a Baloch tribe of Pakistan. According to Baloch history, Khoso was the grandson of Hooth and Hooth was the younger brother of Rind. According to Baloch epics, Khoso means...

Ayub Khoso

Ayub Khoso is a Pakistani actor of film and TV. With a career spanning more than three decades - mostly in Television - Khoso is a well-known name in Pakistan. He is best known for his roles in films like Khuda Kay Liye.