Definition funny of Khandie:

urban1.Stunning blonde bombshell from venus 2. so strong and so bright! 3)You can trust and count on a Khandie 4)makes you laugh so hard you pee a little sometimes 5)beautiful with innocent eyes 6)coragious 7)A leader !! 8)A true artist!

urbanWow ! did you see that Khandie,it didnt matter that she went on before the last act, i dont even remember the last act? who were they?? well,they werent Khandie thats for sure!


Wiki information Khandie:

Khandie Khisses
Actor, Person, Film actor

Khandie Khisses is a British burlesque performer, photographer and actor. Continually voted by the general public into the top 50 burlesque stars of 2009, 2010 and 2011 and 2012 as well as a top 20 UK Burlesque Performer. She is also a regular...