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books[ { BEHUTET: THE DESCTRUCTION OF MAN (VOL 3) } ] by Bediako, Kazembe Olugbala (AUTHOR) Jul-01-2013 [ Paperback... by Kazembe Olugbala Bediako (Jul 1, 2013)

booksKing Kazembe and the Marave, Cheva, Bisa, Bemba, Lunda and Other Peoples of Southern Africa Vol.2 by A.C.P. (Translated By Ian Cunnison) Gamitto (1960)

booksKing Kazembe and the Marave, Cheva, Bisa, Memba, Lunda, and other Peoples of Southern Africa being the Diary of... (1960)

booksMutomboko ceremony and the Lunda-Kazembe dynasty by Munona Chinyanta (1989)

booksThe B.S.A. Company and the Lunda of Kazembe by F. E Masimba (1967)

booksThe lands of Kazembe by A. Sylvester Masiye (1973)

booksThe Kingdom of Kazembe: History and Politics in North-Eastern Zambia and Katanga to 1950 (Studien zur Afrikanischen... by Giacomo Macola (Apr 25, 2002)


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Kazembe is a traditional kingdom in modern-day Zambia. Southeastern Congo For more than 250 years Kazembe has been an influential kingdom or chieftainship of the Kiluba-Chibemba speaking the Swahili language, a mixture of Arabic and the traditional...


Kazembe is a name used for Mwata Kazembe's town in the Luapula Province of Zambia, especially on maps and in the Zambian postal service. However, the correct name for the town is Mwansabombwe and this is the one used by its or Luba or...