Definition funny of Kaydra:

urbanA mix of the name Kay (which was originally a male name and was one of the knights of the round table) but became more common as a girls name meaning pure, happy, rejoice, blessing, and the suffix dra from various beautiful girls names like alexandra, cassandra,kiandra, audra, etc, which all in some form mean strength, noble, shining,legend,beauty. A girl with the name Kaydra will exude beauty and confidence. She will be sweet but commands respect. She is unique and highly talented. She takes neither the common path or the one less taken, but instead makes her own path. What she doesn't realize is she is paving the way for others that follow as she is such an inspiration.

urban" I want to travel the world like a Kaydra" "There is a new line of healthy body products from Kaydra" "Kaydra is such a great leader,yet she is so kind"


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