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urbanKahlie is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is tough, born a fighter but wants to love. Kahlies are the most loyal people ever. If a friend of a Kahlie you must have patients, they are crazy but their crazyness will steal your heart. The best Kahlies are Libras, because they are so very crazy but are also perfectly balanced as people. Kahlie will follow her goals and dump any trash the stands in her way. If you ever meet a Kahlie you will definently never forget her, she is unforgettable! Kahlie's eyes are the most perfect and beautiful eyes you will ever find. Do not screw over this girl, she will not seek revenge for you are not worth her time but if you ever mess over a Kahlie, the world will seek its justice on you! Kahlie is the best friend you can have, she will give you anything including her last breath and does not ask for anything from you except for love and caring. Kahlie rarely shows her emotions and when she does you must listen because she means it. To see this girl cry is unbearable and breaks your heart, to make this girl cry is unforgivable! Kahlies are amazing kisser because they have big, soft lips and are talented with their tongues. Her favorite place to be kissed is on her neck and it will make her melt in your arms. If you ever meet a girl who is too good to be true, you have just met a Kahlie!

urban"That girl is amazing, she is a total Kahlie!" " I think I want to marry her, I got myself a Kahlie"


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Kahlier R. Hart
Actor, Film producer, Person, Film actor

Kahlier R. Hart is a film producer and casting director.