Definition funny of Kagano:

urban1. noun. Canadian homo 2. adj. A person who loses their air pump.

urbanIf you don't date chicks, you are a Kaganos. I would of rode my bike to school today, but someone Kaganosed me.

urbanTo Mysteriously appear; Come to one's aid from seemingly nowhere.

urban"It was sweet, He pulled a Kaganos and just appeared, saved my ass big time."


Wiki information Kagano:

Lazar Kaganovich
Politician, Deceased Person, Person, Person Or Being In Fiction

Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich was a Soviet politician and administrator and one of the main associates of Joseph Stalin. At his death in 1991, he was the last surviving Old Bolshevik, outlived by the Soviet Union itself by a mere five months.

Aryan Kaganof
Film director, Film writer, Film editor, Film cinematographer, Author, Film actor, Film crewmember, Film music contributor, Influence Node, Person

Ian Kaganof is a film director.