Definition funny of Jonga:

urbanv -'d -ing 1 an expression of unimaginable pain. 2 to cause someone physical of psychological harm. 3 a word that causes great offence to men without beards. 4 the act of wearing a waistcoat.

urbanMale 1: How dare you call my mother a woman of dubious reputation, prepare to be Jonga'd, sir! Male 2: Ha! Not if I Jonga you first! Male 1: JONGA! Female 1: *Blood Curdling Scream*


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songsUka-Jonga Phambili by The Jazz Epistles from the Album The Complete Recordings


Books about Jonga:

booksJonga! by Hilary Atkinson and Worldreader (Jun 17, 2013)

booksJonga Alpha by Hilary Atkinson, Worldreader, Delia Davies and Ben Dilley (Apr 18, 2013)

booksBB Books 2.02 Jonga, Kierie, jonga! (isiXhosa) by Paula Raubenheimer, Worldreader and Translators Without Borders (Mar 17, 2014)

booksSubsídios para a grammatica landina (xi-jonga), dialecto fallado pelos indígenas de Lourenço Marques. Seguidos... by Pinheiro Augusto Soares (Oct 15, 2010)

booksSubsidios Para a Grammatica Landina (XI-Jonga), Dialecto Fallado Pelos Indigenas de Lourenco Marques. Seguidos... by Pinheiro Augusto Soares (Feb 23, 2014)

books**REPRINT** Subsdios para a grammatica landina (xi-jonga), dialecto fallado pelos indgenas de Loureno Marques.... by Pinheiro. Augusto Soares ***NOTE: THIS IS A "PRINT ON DEMAND" VERSION FROM THE ORIGINAL BOOK*** (1897)


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The Jonga was a Nissan designed vehicle used by the Indian Army. Jonga was an acronym for Jabalpur Ordnance aNd Guncarriage Assembly. In 1960 Nissan introduced their new 4x4 called the P60 i.e. Patrol 60. The vehicle was available in two wheelbases...

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