Books about Jeshu:

booksThe Jewish Life of Christ, Being the Sepher Tolduth Jeshu by G. W. Foote, J. M. Wheeler and Madalyn Murray O'Hair (1982)

booksThe Jewish Life of Christ, Being the Sepher Toldoth Jeshu: Book of the Generation of Jesus by G. W. Foote (Dec 1988)

booksEsoteric Studies. Jeshu Ben Pandira - Who Prepared The Way For An Understanding Of The Christ Impulse by Rudolf Steiner (1942)

booksEin j�dish-deutshes Leben Jesu. Tholdoth Jeshu hanozri, she-hajah shenath sheloshah alaphim we-shibea meoth... by Erih, 1865-1936 Bishoff (1895)

booksAccording to the Hebrews,: A new translation of the Jewish life of Jesus (the Toldoth Jeshu), with an inquiry... by Hugh Joseph Schonfield (1937)


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Jeshurun, in the Hebrew Bible, is a poetic name for Israel, derived from a root word meaning upright, just or straight. Jeshurun appears four times in the Hebrew Bible — three times in Deuteronomy and once in Isaiah. It can mean the people of Israel...

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