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urbanA "jamby" is a character of unquestionable success; good looking, quick-witted, business savy and quite often rolling in monies. A jamby's natural habitat is either the sports field surrounded by adoring fans or behing a mahogany desk signing a multi-million dollar contract. A jamby can be seen as the opposite of a bugaloo/buga who has no basis for their inflated sense of self-importance. Jambys don't live in a fantasy world their success exudes in everything they do. However, the jamby's passion which guides his/her success can also make him/her susceptible to spectacular falls from grace or acts of unbridled ruthlessness. You never can be sure what a jamby is thinking and this makes them dangerous.

urban"He's no buga he's straight-up jamby" "I'm not sure about this lawyer he seems a bit jamby"


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Jamby Madrigal
Politician, Person

María Ana Consuelo Madrigal Valade, better known as Jamby Madrigal, is a politician in the Philippines. She was elected during the 2004 general elections as a Senator. She ran for president in the 2010 presidential elections but lost.

Jambyl Region
Administrative Division, Dated location, Statistical region, Location

Jambyl Region is a region of Kazakhstan. Its capital is Taraz. The population of the region is 1,000,000; the city is 335,100. The provinceregion borders Kyrgyzstan, and is very near Uzbekistan. Jambyl also borders three other provinces: Karagandy...