Definition funny of Jagers:

urbanShort for "Jagermeister", this is a drink that originated from Germany as a cough syrup.

urbanI took a shot of jager and I shot my woman down.

urbanA delectable drink which will get you smashed off you'r ass.

urbanDamn, did you just see Brockman down that whole bottle of Jager?!?

urbanA unit of measurement of four kilograms, not associated with the alcoholic beverage: Jägermeister. pronounced "Yay-gerr"

urbanCustomer: "I'll have a quarter Jäger of your finest beef." Shopkeep: "That'll be a seventeenth Jäger of your copper pieces."

urbanShort for Jägermeister. Pronounced "yay-ger-my-ster", or simply "yay-ger". A darkly-colored liqeuer (not liquor; yes, there's a difference) with an alcohol content of 35%, or 70 proof. Commonly spelled "Jager" instead of "Jäger" due to the fact that typing an umlaut (¨) over the letter A in "Jäger" is a pain in the ass for Americans. Jäger is pretty expensive, about 20 dollars for a fifth and 30 dollars for a liter, which is a fifth half again. By comparison, cheap rum with an alcohol content of 40% costs about $17 for a 1.75 liter bottle, more than twice as much as a fifth. If you just want to get drunk, Jäger is not for you. If you actually drink for the flavor in addition to the drunkenness, give Jäger a try. The taste of Jäger is similar to black licorice. The "Jäger Bomb", a drink consisting of Jäger with Red Bull, is a very popular mixed drink. If you want to drink in public, Jäger is ideal. Pour some Jäger into a soda or diet soda bottle. Jäger looks almost identical to soda, and thus the dark caramel-colored Jäger is perfect for bottles made for caramel-colored sodas such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Diet Coke, or Diet Pepsi.


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Movies about Jagers:

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Wiki information Jagers:

Regiment Limburgse Jagers
Military unit, Organization

Regiment Limburgse Jagers is a light infantry regiment in the Royal Netherlands Army. It is named for the Dutch province of Limburg, and currently serves in the infantry role as part of 13 Motorized Brigade. Battle Honours Quatre-Bras 1815, Waterloo...

City/Town/Village, Statistical region, Location, Dated location

Jagersfontein is a small town in the Free State province of South Africa. The original farm on which the town stands was once the property of a Griqua Jacobus Jagers, hence the name Jagersfontein. He sold the farm to C.F. Visser in 1854. A diamond...