Books about Ingenuus:

booksIngenuus Leo: L'immagine di Agrippa (Xenia Antiqua. Monografie) (Italian Edition) by Ilaria Romeo (Dec 31, 1998)


booksINGENUUS ET RÉGALIEN by Jenö Fitz (1966)

books"Liber-ingenuus": Studien zur Sozialgeschichte des 5.-8. Jahrhunderts anhand der Leges (Bochumer historische Studien... by Angelina Weber (1983)


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Deceased Person, Person

Ingenuus was a Roman military commander, the imperial legate in Pannonia, who became a usurper to the throne of the emperor Gallienus when he led a brief and unsuccessful revolt in the year 260. Appointed by Gallienus himself, Ingenuus served him...

Battus ingenuus
Organism Classification

Battus ingenuus is a species of butterfly in the family Papilionidae. It is commonly known as Dyar's Swallowtail and the Confused Swallowtail.