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booksKing Hrethel's Sorrow and the Limits of Heroic Action in Beowulf (Essay in: Speculum, A Journal of Medieval Studies... by Linda Georgianna (1987)


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Hrethel was the king of the Geats, in Beowulf. He was the son or son-in-law of Swerting and he had three sons Hæþcyn, Herebeald and Hygelac. He also had a daughter who married Ecgþeow and had the son Beowulf. Hrethel fostered Beowulf by taking him...

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Nægling is the name of one of the swords used by Beowulf in the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of Beowulf. The name derives from "nægl", or "nail", and may correspond to Nagelring, a sword from the Vilkina saga. It is possibly the sword of Hrethel, which...