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booksLes Vies Des Hommes Illustres: Enee. Tullus Hostilius. Aristomene. Tarquin L'Ancien. L. Junius Brutus. Gelon.... by Plutarch, Andre Dacier and William Wennington (Mar 26, 2010)

booksThe lives of several ancient and illustrious men, omitted by Plutarch: viz Æneas Tullus Hostilius Aristomenes... by Thomas Rowe (Aug 5, 2010)

booksSupplément Aux Vies Des Hommes Illustres De Plutarque: Contenant Les Vies D'enée, De Tullus Hostilius... (French... by Thomas Rowe and Plutarco (Mar 12, 2012)

booksLes Vies Des Hommes Illustres: Les Vies Des Hommes Illustres Omises: Contenant Annibal, Par Mr. Dacier. En E,... by Andre Dacier, Thomas Rowe and Plutarch (Jan 24, 2012)


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Tullus Hostilius
Noble person, Deceased Person, Person Or Being In Fiction, Person

Tullus Hostilius was the legendary third king of Rome. He succeeded Numa Pompilius and was succeeded by Ancus Marcius. Unlike his predecessor, Tullus was known as a warlike king. Tullus Hostilius was the grandson of Hostus Hostilius, who had fought...

Hostus Hostilius
Man, Person

Hostus Hostilius was a nobleman of Ancient Rome during the reign of Romulus. He fought valiantly in defending the Roman Citadel and died during the Sabine invasion of Rome that followed the "Rape of the Sabine Women". He married the daughter of the...