Definition funny of Hieftje:

urban1. The two term mayor of Ann Arbor, Michigan, known for initiating the Green Belt plan and being a decent Democrat. 2. A game played the same way as safety, except using the word Hieftje (pronounced, incorrectly, as "heft-jee," or alternatively, "hefj") instead of safety.

urban1: *poot* Heft-jee! 2: Nice save. *poot* Hefj! 1: Gross dude. 2: Holler.


Wiki information Hieftje:

John Hieftje
Politician, Person

John Hieftje is the mayor of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Hieftje began his political career in 1999, when he was elected to the city council for Ann Arbor's 1st Ward as a Democrat. He was first elected to the post of Mayor in 2000, and was re-elected in...

Josh Hieftje
Man, Person

Josh Hieftje is the son of politician John Hieftje.