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booksKUNALA: AN INDIAN FANTASY. With a Foreword by C. A. Hewavitarne. by Arpad. Ferenczy (1925)

booksBhadantáchariya Buddhaghósa Théra's Manóthapuraní, or, The commentary on the Anguttaranikáya of the... by Buddhaghosa (1923)

booksBhadantācariya Buddhaghósa Théra's Paramatthajótiká, or, The commentary to the Suttanipatá of the... by Buddhaghosa (1920)

booksBhadantácariya Dhammapála Maháthera's commentary to the Nettippakarana of the Khuddaka Nikáya (Simon Hewavitarne... by Dhammapāla (1921)

booksBhadantáchariya Upaséna Théra's Saddhamapajjótiká, or, The commentary to the Chulá-niddésa of the... by Upasena (1923)

booksBhadantacariya Dhammapala Thera's commentary to the Cariyāpitaka (Simon Hewavitarne bequest) by Dhammapāla (1929)


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Edmund Hewavitarne
Deceased Person, Person

Edmund Hewavitarne was a Ceylonese businessman and reservist. Member of Ceylon Defence Force he was court-martialed for treason and died in prison, he was given posthumous pardon. He was the younger brother of Anagarika Dharmapala. Born to the rich...