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numerologyName Number: 5 Meaning: Motion, Change, Freedom, Diversity, Liberty, Choice, Interest, Search, Risk, Danger, Fear


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urbanTotally great anime of only 13 episodes. The main character is Alucard, a rogue vampire who serves a British organization (the Hellsing Organization) in killing the undead. He ends up changing a rookie police girl into a vampire to serve the Hellsing Organization, but before she can do that, she has to get over her new found thirst...

urbanIn the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen. "What a perfect night. It's the kind of night that makes me want to get a bite to drink." -Alucard

urbanHellsing was originally a manga made by Kouta Hirano for the older, more darker form of the human being. The comic was originally eight volumes long, consisting of bloody, gory vampire action that involved the protaganist, Alucard (in Japanese, it's Arucard because of Engrish and such), a Nosferatu who hunts down those of his own kind, the undead. He meets with a police girl named Seras Victoria, who becomes a secondary protaganist, next to Alucard and is nomally a sex symbol for the kind of manga genre she is in. Alucard is under the control of her master, Integra Wingates Hellsing, who is the leader of the Hellsing Organization, a group of undead hunters who's goal is to cease all earthy activities of those not of the undead classification. Now, there are also secondary characters like Walter, the Hellsing family's butler, and Paladin Alexander Anderson (in Japanese it's Paladin Alexander Andersong), as well as the Nazi organizations that seem to appear quite frequently in this. There are variants of Hellsing, which include OVAs (original video animations) and the anime, which is thirteen episodes long. It is disputed which ones are better, because many fans prefer the manga over the anime. The OVA is the anime-form of the manga exactly, but the anime is not anything like the manga at all. Then were are things like "Hellsing: The Dawn" which feature much younger versions of Alucard and Walter as they fight the Nazis. That's when Walter is nicknamed "The Angel of Death" by Alucard. It is a highly recommended anime by those who like horror and such, but in reality, it's more of a thriller than a horror. There is a lot of swearing as well, as well as blood and death, so it is not recommended for children under the age of thirteen. To learn more, actually reading the manga or watching the anime is also recommended.

urban"In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen." - Peter Farguson of the Hellsing Organization

urbanA darkly gothic anime series of Thirteen episodes. The main character is actually not Alucard, but Seras Victoria, who becomes a vampire in the first episode. Her attempts to retain her humanity are set against the backdrop of a full-scale secret war betweeen the Hellsing organisation and mysterious forces who are creating artificial vampires. Chuck in a few mad priests, vampire gangsters and a several very cool fights, and you have a surprisingly excellent anime series. Thoroughly recommended, especially for fans of vampires or action anime. Not for younger viewers.

urban"In the name of god, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation, Amen."

urbanA very awesome manga/anime. The Manga Totally Pwns the Anime's ass, having a much more in-depth plot, more characters, more blood, more of the original story (Church Vs. Nazis), more everything than the anime could ever hold. In short, read the manga, don't watch the anime.


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Books about Hellsing:

booksHellsing, Vol. 9 by Kohta Hirano (Nov 4, 2008)

booksHellsing, Vol. 10 by Kohta Hirano (Jun 1, 2010)

booksHellsing, Vol. 3 by Kohta Hirano (Jun 15, 2004)

booksHellsing, Vol. 4 by Kohta Hirano (Sep 21, 2004)

booksHellsing, Vol. 1 by Kohta Hirano, Duane Johnson and Wilbert Lacuna (Dec 2, 2003)

booksHellsing, Vol. 2 by Kohta Hirano (Apr 20, 2004)

booksHellsing, Vol. 7 by Kohta Hirano (Sep 27, 2005)


Movies about Hellsing:

moviesHellsing Ultimate: Volumes 9 & 10 2014 Unrated - Runtime: 1 hr 52 mins Starring: Crispin Freeman and K.T. Gray Directed by: Jonathan Klein

moviesHellsing Ultimate: Volumes 5 - 8 Collection 2013 Unrated - Runtime: 3 hrs Starring: Victoria Harwood, Katie Gray, et al. Directed by: Tallesin Jaffe

moviesHellsing Ultimate: Volumes 1-4 Collection 2012 Unrated - Runtime: 3 hrs Starring: Crispin Freeman, K.T. Gray, et al. Directed by: Taliesin Jaffe, Tomokazu Tokoro, et al.

moviesVan Helsing 2004 PG-13 - Runtime: 2 hrs 12 mins Starring: Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, et al. Directed by: Stephen Sommers

moviesHellsing - Hellsing Series 2012 NR - Runtime: 5 hrs Starring: Crispin Freeman, Victoria Harwood, et al.

moviesHellsing: Complete Box Set 2006 Unrated - Runtime: 23 mins Starring: Jôji Nakata, Yoshiko Sakakibara, et al. Directed by: Umanosuke Iida and Yasunori Urata

moviesVan Helsing - The London Assignment 2004 PG-13 - Runtime: 33 mins Starring: Hugh Jackman, Robbie Coltrane, et al. Directed by: Sharon Bridgeman


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Hellsing is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. It first premiered in Young King Ours in 1997 and ended in September 2008. The individual chapters are collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Shōnen Gahosha. As of...

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