Books about Hanwei:

booksHanwei total contrast syntax (1 1 India. only printed 1670)(Chinese Edition) by BEN SHE.YI MING (Jan 1, 2000)

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booksHanwei Xinhua Dictionary (color of the)(Chinese Edition) by BEN SHE.YI MING (2007)

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booksHanwei Art Dictionary (private collection) 4 #(Chinese Edition) by TA YI ER. NA SI ER ZHU BIAN (Jan 1, 2000)

booksHanwei historical term control(Chinese Edition) by BEN SHE.YI MING (Jan 1, 2000)


Wiki information Hanwei:

Business Operation, Organization, Employer

Hanwei is a company manufacturing swords, operated by Chen Chao-Po, better known by his pseudonym Paul Chen. Chen is a Chinese sword collector who in ca. 1991 opened a factory in Dalian manufacturing inexpensive replicas of Edo period Japanese...

Chen Hanwei
Singer, TV Actor, Musical Artist, Film actor, Influence Node, Person

Tan Hung Wee, better known by his Chinese stage name Chen Hanwei 陈汉玮, is a Malaysia-born Singaporean actor.