Definition funny of Haeley:

urbanShe's addicting. She makes your heart pound so hard it'll be like a thunderstorm inside of you. She's different from anyone you've ever met and anyone you ever will meet. She storms into your mind and takes it over, refusing to leave. Loving her is easier than it is to breathe. I swear to God, she came straight from my sweetest dreams. Nothing could ever compare to her, or ever come close to being nearly as amazing and breathtaking as she is.

urbanHaeley completes Kyle.

urbana girl who has weird blonde red hair and lots of tattoos. She tells dumb jokes and has a fettish for girls named jessica. She says 'Bitch please' a lot. As crazy as she is and although you will have plenty of catfights with her, she just might end up being one of your best friends.

urbanWhen you hang with haeley you will spend most of the time laughing with or at her.


Wiki information Haeley:

Haeley Vaughn
Social network user, Person