Definition funny of Gurban:

urban1. A very sexy person 2. A racial comment

urbanDerek is SUCH a gurban! Those damn gurbans are trying to take over our country!

urbanGher'BIN - A member of the gay community who has adopted an 'urban' lifestyle. Often starting with flat caps the obsession quickly turns to listening to Frank Ocean on repeat and dropping words into conversation that have historically not made it into gay vernacular. Most member of the 'gurban' community will make a pilgrimage to New York City at some point in their formidable years to discover their roots and 'shop for DOPE threads'. All other members of the LBGTQ can be represented by swapping the first letter with the relevant sexuality: ie. Lurban, Burban, Turban and Qurban.

urbanAngus had become so Gurban since he turned 24.

urbanTo be ripped off or to rip off someone else

urbanMy xbox live stopped working for the 10th time today and i pay for it damn dude they be gurban you You diden't short me on that dime did you no man I don't be gurban

urbanThe gay twist on urban fashion.


Songs about Gurban:

songsBa??nda Pu?an Gurban by Sevim Seçkin from the Album Sitara

songsBa??nda Pu?an Gurban by Ezgi Köker from the Album Türkülerle Türkiye, Vol. 73 (??rnak)

songsEllerde Gurban by Belk?s Akkale from the Album Güvercinim

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songsGelinmiki Gurban Olam by Gül Ahmet Yi?it from the Album Gelinmiki Kurban Olam

songsGelinmiki Gurban Olam by Gül Ahmet Yi?it from the Album Gelinmiki Kurban Olam


Books about Gurban:

booksGurbanov, Gurban Osman ogly

booksQatagin arban gurban Atag-a Tngri-yin tayilg-a (Mongolian Shamanism; Old Script Only) by L. (Hurchbaatar) Qurcabagatur (1987)