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numerologyName Number: 7 Meaning: Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest


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urbanIf you know any mexican people then you'll know this is a non-derogatory term used to refer to US citizens. Mostly because the term "American" does not make sense to the rest of the Americans (all those people who live in the continent named "America", wich is every body from Alaska to argentina), and the word "Estadounidense" (UnitedStatean)is too long. Folklore says it was generated when the US invaded mexico, wearing green uniforms, and the people shouted at them "Green Go Home". With time it lost all derogatory status and was turned into the most common word to refer to any US citizen.

urban"Hey, que pasa pinche gringo! How is it going!!"

urbana gringo is just a north american or anglo-saxon. it is usually a white person but doesnt have to be. it isnt a hateful term but it can be used hatefully. it also represents behaviour and attitudes latinos consider to be "american".

urbanis he latino? no hes a gringo why wont you share your smokes, dont be such a gringo

urbanTerm used by Latin Americans to talk about an American, it doesnt matter the color of his skin

urbanfucken gringo :D

urbanThe word originated in Mexico, when the United States of America invaded Mexico in order to appropiate half of its territory, back on mid 19th century. Of course this action against "peace and freedom" is not in elementary school textbooks in USA, but it is in any other serious document about USA history. American soldiers entered the country through the Gulf of Mexico, taking down the main port of Veracruz and then heading towards Mexico City. The troops were wearing GREEN COATS. Mexican people along the way from Veracruz to Mexico suffered the advance of the enemy and many battles were fought. However, the American army finally reached Mexico City and took the city down in an epic battle still remembered by all the Mexicans: The battle of Chapultepec Castle. This palace, in the top of a hill, is the highest point over Mexico City: there was the Mexican flag, so it was a symbolic target. The headquarters of the Military College were in Chapultepec castle too, and when the "green coats" were climbing the hill, a few young cadets refused to leave and decided to defend the castle to death. Then, when the battle was helplessly lost, one of the cadets took the Mexican flag, wrapped himself on it and jumped off the cliff were the castle is set, dying in the rocks below, thus avoiding the American army to take the flag. When the American commander saw the corpses of the cadets, he said in amazement "They are only children!". So they became in death Los Niños Héroes, the symbol in Mexico of the resistance against invaders: the American army... the green coats. The war was over and USA claimed half of Mexico's territory... then the green coats went home, having gained possesion of Texas and other territories -and their resources- (the same old motif than nowadys, but the speech has changed). Ever since, the relationtship USA-Mexico has developed into a very complex love-hate relationtship and the destiny of both nations is linked together, but back then, a new term was born in popular language: gringo (green coat) Now, let's make clear that the term is used nowadays the same as affectionate as pejorative and as none of the above too. As complex as it seems, Mexican people can use the word with different intentions but in any case with just one meaning: it refers in a common way to USA citizens, who are distinctive not because of the colour of their skin, but because of their culture and behavior (anyone outside USA knows exactly what behavior is it!) Other derivatives of the word include: gringa: female for gringo, as substantive. gringo/gringa: as adjectives. agringado: something/someone that resembles USA culture or the American way of life. Gringolandia: U.S.A. As a final note i must say that the word spread to other countries over Latin America (even to Spain) where it is used to refer to foreigners and/or white people: but that's just the way some people outside Mexico understand the word! Nevertheless, in Mexico, a "gringo" is just an American citizen. And it implies nothing else. *


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Gringo is a term, mainly used in Spanish-speaking countries, to refer to an English-speaking foreigner, especially an American person. The term is, in and of itself, not derogatory. The word was originally used in Spain to denote any foreign,...

Old Gringo
Romance Film, Netflix Title, Award-Nominated Work, Ranked item, Adaptation, Film

Old Gringo is a 1989 film directed by Luis Puenzo and co-written with Aída Bortnik, based on the novel Gringo Viejo by Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes. The film stars Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck, and Jimmy Smits. The film was screened out of competition...