Books about Goursat:

booksGoursat's Mathematical Analysis Volume II-Part I Functions of a Complex Variable by EDOUARD GOURSAT (Jan 1, 1916)

booksOn Goursat Normal Forms, Prolongations, and Control Systems by D. Tilbury (1994)

booksGoursat's Mathematical Analysis Volume II-Part II Differential Equations by EDOUARD GOURSAT (Jan 1, 1917)

booksGoursat's Mathematical Analysis Volume II - Part I : Functions of a Complex System by Edouard Goursat (1916)

booksA course in mathematical analysis, by +douard Goursat ... translated by Earle Raymond Hedrick. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series (Dec 20, 2005)

booksProblème de Goursat pour les systèmes d'edp et Condition de Lévi (French Edition) by MOHAMED SEIFOUDINI (Sep 3, 2010)

booksPRIER 15 JOURS AVEC; Pierre Goursat by Francis Kohn (Dec 16, 2011)


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Édouard Goursat
Mathematician, Academic, Name source, Person, Author, Influence Node, Deceased Person

Édouard Jean-Baptiste Goursat was a French mathematician, now remembered principally as an expositor for his Cours d'analyse mathématique, which appeared in the first decade of the twentieth century. It set a standard for the high-level teaching of...

Goursat tetrahedron

In geometry, a Goursat tetrahedron is a tetrahedral fundamental domain of a Wythoff construction. Each tetrahedral face represents a reflection hyperplane on 3-dimensional surfaces: the 3-sphere, the Euclidean 3-space, and hyperbolic 3-space. Coxeter...