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urbanGenotype describes the genetic constitution of an individual, that is the specific allelic makeup of an individual, usually with reference to a specific character under consideration 1. For instance, there are three possible genotypes for the human albino gene, and it has two allelic forms, dominant A and recessive a. Thus the three possible genotypes are AA (homozygous dominant), Aa (heterozygous), and aa (homozygous recessive).

urbanBrittany has AA genotype for blond hair.


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The genotype is the genetic makeup of a cell, an organism, or an individual usually with reference to a specific characteristic under consideration. For instance, the human CFTR gene, which encodes a protein that transports chloride ions across cell...

Genotype frequency

Genetic variation in populations can be analyzed and quantified by the frequency of alleles. Two fundamental calculations are central to population genetics: allele frequencies and genotype frequencies. Genotype frequency in a population is the...