Definition funny of Gellin:

urbanwearing gel insoles in your shoes, preferably Dr. Scholl's.

urban"You gellin'?" "I'm gellin' like a felon!" "What about you playa?" "I'm so gellin', I'm like Magellan!" "I'm gelling!" "No you ain't gellin' cracka!" BANG BANG! (cracka gets shot)

urbanGellin' means you're wearing the new insoles by Scholls If you're Gelling, you're not gellin'. Gelling means you use goopy L.A. Looks hair gel and you're an assclown.

urbanI'm gellin' like a felon, want some melon ?

urbanAdjective- 1. Belonging to an exclusive group (clique) made up of people wearing Dr Scholls Gel inserts. 2. Having greater perceived social value due to inclusion in, or relation to, said group. This term is often used in conjunction with other words that rhyme with it. The more rhyming words used, the more one is Gellin'. Misguided individuals who believe that they are Gellin' when they are not often say that they are "gelling." It is easy to pick out these individuals because they never rhyme their words. And they are horrible dancers.

urbanA: Are you Gellin'? B: I'm Gellin' like a felon. Care for some melon? A: I'm so Gellin', I'm Gellin' like Magellan. C: I'm gelling! (A and B are Gellin' while C is not.)

urbanpronounced: "jel-in" (adjective, verb) adj: In the state of mind where getting the news that your dog was hacksawed to death by a hipster wouldn't bother you one bit. Only obtained by wearing Dr. Scholl's gel shoe insoles. The care-free attitude has been described as relaxing on a hammock made of hemp, while in a coma. v: being in the above state of mind Now, here are some words that are more likely to be spoken while gellin'. With these words can come great rap lyrics. And that's sayin' somethin', yo. bestsellin' compellin' dispellin' dwellin' Ellen excellin' expellin' felon fellin' Ferdinand Magellan foretellin' gellin' Helen melon mispellin' outsellin' propellin' rebellin' repellin' resellin' retellin' sellin' shellin' short-sellin' smellin' tellin' yellin' Rap on, m'brothas.


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City/Town/Village, Statistical region, Location, Dated location

Gellin is a commune in the Doubs department in the Franche-Comté region in eastern France.

Katarina Gellin
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Katarina Gellin is an actress.