Books about Gabali:

booksComte De Gabalis by Abbé N. De Montfaucon De Villars (Jul 13, 2011)

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booksComte de Gabalis by Abbé N. de Montfaucon de Villars (Sep 29, 2014)

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booksThe Irreconcilable Gnomes: Or The Continuation Of The Comte De Gabalis by Pythagoras 38th Degree (Dec 8, 2005)

booksIrreconcilable Gnomes: or Continuation to the Comte de Gabalis by Pythagoras (Nov 1, 1995)


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The Gabali were a Gallic Tribe from Gallia Aquitania, in the mountainous region, where the Oltis and the Elaver emerge. They were subject to the Averni.

Andreas Gabalier
Musical Artist, Person, Award Winner, Award Nominee, Musician

Andreas Gabalier is an Austrian folk singer. In 2012, he won the ECHO music award in folk music category, the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in 2012 as Best Live Act and best 'Schlager' singer and in 2013, again the Amadeus award in Folk music...