Definition funny of Fegelein:

urbanThe ultimate prankster in the Hitler rants parodies on YouTube. From pooping on the toilet so no one can use it to abandoning his post on the battlefield, he never fails to have Hitler ramming his fist on the desk in rage.

urbanGunsche: The toilet is clogged. Hitler: Damn that Fegelein keeps getting the damn toilet clogged up. Unclog it you fool. I don't maintain the toilet. You do. Get the damn plunger and unclog the toilet it's not that hard you've done it before. It's easy. Unclog the toilet and send Fegelein to me! Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!

urbanHermann Fegelein* > Adolf Hitler That's common sense, elementary internet knowledge and upper-intermediate history knowledge. He was the sole factor that drove Führer to his insanity and detachment from reality(although you can't really blame him), and, as such, the true, albeit perhaps unintentional driving force behind many of those related historic events that began in first half of the 20th century, most of them being horrible events that most of the decent world is rather unconfortable and reluctant to remember. He's also (arguably)confirmed to having had the limited ability of omnipresence. * It should be noted, however, that even today, it is still unconfirmed whether that is this mighty manipulative troll entity's real name. In fact, not even its final status is completely certain, although many believe it to be gone for good. Because from the moment Fegelein is concerned, you cannot really be sure of anything anymore, amirite? *wink*

urban*Günsche walks in* Günsche: Obergruppenführer, der Führer wünschet mit Sie sprechen. Fegelein: Ich bin nicht in die Bunkeranlage. *momentary silence* Günsche: Sie sind in die Bunkeranlage. Sie sitzen direkt vor mir. Fegelein: Wie bitte? *momentary silence and very characteristic stares* *Günsche walks out of the room* *extended silence* *suddenly, thundering through the whole bunker* "FEGELEIN!!! *SLAM* FEGELEIN!! *SLAM* FEGELEIN! *SLAM*"


Books about Fegelein:

booksFegelein's Horsemen and Genocidal Warfare: The SS Cavalry Brigade in the Soviet Union (The Holocaust and its Contexts... by Henning Pieper (Oct 21, 2014)

booksSS-Kavallerie im Osten: Vom 1. SS-Totenkopf-Reiterr... zur SS-Reiter-Brigade Fegelein (German Edition) by Hermann Fegelein (Apr 20, 2006)