Definition funny of Feener:

urbanSomeone who is a hyped on something. Could be anything! The word started w/ the description of drug abusers.

urbanDude is a feener for Halo2. I left the party, nothing but a bunch of feeners there.

urban1. What you call your little sister who wanted her name to be "feener" while playing apartment neighbors when you were little kids; short version is feen. It's fairly common really, and not an inside joke - not anymore.

urbanHey, Feener! Come to my apartment and we'll eat some graham crackers that I snuck from the kitchen. or Hey, Feen the Bean! Remember when we used to play apartments when we were kids? Yeah, people think that means drug fiend now.

urbanOne who is socially inept and professionally incompetent, but possessed of a strong conviction that the opposite is true.

urbanJim down at the office thinks he's hot shit, but he's really a feener.

urban1.)A Person or Persons that enjoys the Man-Mayo. 2.) Feener sandwich - Someone who has bum sex and spreads his mayo on their buns.


Books about Feener:

booksCircus Parade/Stories of the Big Top by Feener, Phyllis R. (Selected by) by Phyllis R. (Selected by) Feener (1955)

booksO Canada Crosswords Book 11: 75 All New Crosswords by Walter D. Feener (Oct 6 2010) (1001)

booksMuslim Legal Thought in Modern Indonesia 1st Edition by Feener, R. Michael published by Cambridge University Press... (Sep 17, 2007)


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Kori Feener
Film director, Person

Kori Feener is a film producer, cinematographer, film director, film editor and screenwriter.

Kelly Feener
Actor, Person, Film actor

Kelly Feener is an actress.