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Monarch, Deceased Person, Person, Noble person

Abu'l Muzaffar Muin ud-din Muhammad Shah Farrukh-siyar Alim Akbar Sani Wala Shan Padshah-i-bahr-u-bar [Shahid-i-Mazlum] was the Mughal emperor between 1713 and 1719. Noted as a handsome ruler he was easily swayed by his advisers, he lacked the...

Syed Hassan Ali Khan Barha

Syed Hassan Ali Khan Barha, one of the Sayyid Brothers, was a key figure in the Mughal Empire under Farrukhsiyar. Barha was one of the main backers of Farrukhsiyar's rise to the throne. He initially served as bakshi for the empire. He was also early...